Broken Bass function in Audio Wizard(?)

edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Hello community. I've got my ROG Phone 2 a week ago and I'm having a great time with it, except for few issues.

Now I found that "Bass" bar in AudioWizard is functioning in the opposite way.

Issue I found: The bass should improve when we increase the level, but I see that Bass is more when it is kept at "0" than increasing it. Sound felt different and bass was extremely flat when I set it above "10".

Apps tested with: Prime Music and Youtube Music.

Tested with: Sony MDR-XB55, Sony WH-H900N, Sony MDR- XB450 and LG HBS-920(Wireless)

I'm not expert in audio terms but its obvious that Bass is more effective in "0" level. This is happening in any Audio mode like DTS X etc....

Firmware version:- WW_16.0631.1908.12_0

I request other ROG Phone 2 users to test it and report.



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