Broken Bass function in Audio Wizard(?)

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Hello community. I've got my ROG Phone 2 a week ago and I'm having a great time with it, except for few issues.

Now I found that "Bass" bar in AudioWizard is functioning in the opposite way.

Issue I found: The bass should improve when we increase the level, but I see that Bass is more when it is kept at "0" than increasing it. Sound felt different and bass was extremely flat when I set it above "10".

Apps tested with: Prime Music and Youtube Music.

Tested with: Sony MDR-XB55, Sony WH-H900N, Sony MDR- XB450 and LG HBS-920(Wireless)

I'm not expert in audio terms but its obvious that Bass is more effective in "0" level. This is happening in any Audio mode like DTS X etc....

Firmware version:- WW_16.0631.1908.12_0

I request other ROG Phone 2 users to test it and report.



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    Hi i checked the bass in google play music. The bass is increasing when i increase the level.

    Firmware version:- WW_16.0622.1907.33_0

  • Thanks for checking. Does this mean that latest version of build has this issue or only my device has this issue? Maybe someone with latest build WW_16.0631.1908.12_0 can test and confirm.

  • I think the issue is after the latest update i am also encountering the same issue

  • @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @LP_ASUS can you mods please take a look and help us here? Looks like Bass levels are broken in latest update. Thank you

  • Any thing on this issue? Anyone?

  • I don't have a test unit on hand to check, but I can forward this to the audio team.

  • I too have the same issue. Bass is getting reduced at higher level. Level 0 has the high bass.

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    @LP_ASUS .Please try to check when you get hands on a test unit. Kindly keep us posted when you get any info from Dev/Audio team regarding this.

  • Thanks for confirming it. Actually at "0" the Bass is normal, but increasing the bar seems to tweak some other frequency instead of Bass. Will have to wait for reply from Dev team.

  • Yes correct. it is tweaking some other audio frequency when we increase the Bass.

  • I'll send the feedback to our devs. Thanks!

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    Any update? Bass bar is behaving differently everytime!

  • i too face this issue. I'm actually a bass-head and that's the first setting that i tried to tweak and set back to 0 immediately due to distorted audio.

  • Team, Do we have any update from devs?

  • No update at the moment. R&D is looking into it.

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    My experience is following. Headphones: Bowers and Wilkins P5 wired. Google play music player. The music King Crimson: 21st Century Schizoid Man (has very strong bass sections), I Talk to the Wind, Epitaph, Starless and Red. This is very complex music played on a variety of electric and acoustic instruments. Listening mode: DTS Audio Wide and classic stereo mode. Selection of preinstalled equalizer options: rock and custom.

    Initial setup is rock. From rock selecting custom option and tapping on it in the center of the circle we can see the equalizer setup for "rock". Bellow we have horizontal sliders for bass and treble. Increasing the bass on the slider nothing much happens, except that the bass section becomes louder. We can experience a slight increase in bass (mostly psychological) up to half length of the slider, but going to the full right the sound doesn't become deeper, only louder. And in fact acting on the bass slider parameters on the equalizer above don't change. This increase in loudness could be interpreted as the bass actually becoming higher and not deeper.

    To change the sound into deeper we have to focus on equalizer and increase dB level for the lowest 3 frequencies: 31, 62 and 125Hz. If we rise the bar for those 3 frequencies we can hear the sound becoming deeper. Also we can reduce the output for 250 and 500 Hz to emphasize the bass effect. That would make the sound become deeper. The best option to set bass and treble to our taste is to create a custom equalizer setup and not rise level on horizontal bass or treble sliders bellow. Setting up the equalizer I have managed to achieve very full and rich sound, considering it's a phone after all. I also use a dedicated hi-res Pono music player. Rog 2 is not that level but it's also not that far apart. And Pono is a much thicker, hardly pocketable box.

    I didn't have time yet to move my flac music library to the phone and use a dedicated hi-res music player, but results can only be better.

    To people who don't want to play with equalizer but prefer a more "punchy" sound out of the box, Boom music player makes great job in increasing bass.

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    A possible good setup for bass

  • @LP_ASUS , Could you share the status of this issue? This bug is there from the beginning so request you to priorities this issue.

  • The case is still under investigation. I promise I'll update the thread as soon as the status switches. ;)

  • Hello guys, its been a while since we reported this. Any updates on this issue?

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