Bugs on Asus 6Z building no ending with 193

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This has been a major headache for me since day one using this phone. Unlike the past Asus phone I had used, Asus 6Z just auto updates all the Google trash apps that I disable by default: Google Chrome; Photos; and Duo.

No matter how many times I disable them, by the morning I wake I they are all auto updated again. I wish Google just like Microsoft give us option to uninstall all these crappy Google bloatware in Android 10.


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    Is your phone new?

    This was a problem for me also in the beginning, but I continued trying to disable these apps, and after about 3-4 days they remained disabled.

    Now my Z6 is more than a month old, and no problems.

    A tip is to look in the system apps, there are three Facebook system apps which can be disabled also.

    If you do not use Facebook, of course

  • Even if you disable an app. It is shown as installed on Play store. I would suggest you turn off auto update in your Play store settings and then disable them.

  • I have same problem with a thread about it too.

    I think that behind this is somekind of secret system service who watch these default apps and enabled them, if it detect that they are disabled.

  • I get only a Youtube and Photos Apps what become enabled after while. Facebook things stays disabled.

  • Besides disabling the apps, I also cleared all data for them and removed all their privileges, etc.

    Don't know if that was necessary.

  • me too, we are in the same page with this.

    But with 193, chrome started also enabled itself. It is some system service what enabled them, it has to be because any other phone dosnt do that.

    On my thread, mod asking me to disable these apps from powermaster but that dosnt help either, so it is something else.

  • I have had zero problems with these after the first 4 days, my Z6 is now 1 1/2 months "old".'

    Don't know what I might be doing differently, no root or mods.

    I do use the no-root firewall app Netguard to block internet access for these and a lot of other apps, even system apps.

    This is a trial and error process, don't try this (with Netguard) if you don't understand what you are doing.

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    These are the 10 apps I have disabled.

    All except for "D. Welbeing" have been disabled for more than a month with no problems.

    D. Wellbeing has not bothered me, but I find it "uninteresting".

    I disabled it mainly because I have been having sporadic problems with notifications from Whatsapp not appearing, and have tried everything else I can think of.

    (That is not a seriously problem, for me personally at least.)

    That the Fakebook system apps were preinstalled I consider, how should I put it - a serious missjudgement by Asus.

    Most at least of the for me unnecessary Google apps I have understood are more or less forced on Asus by Google, many people will want to use them.

    it is sufficient that they can be disabled.

  • These are the apps I have disabled since the first day 4 months ago with no problems.

    Notice the Duo that makes you angry in your phone.

  • I have all the same apps disabled expect duo :)

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    These are the apps I have disabled since the first day 6 months ago with no problems (except the last three apps I deactivated some time ago). Android System WebView is now in use on Android 10 unlike Android 9.

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