Disabled apps re-enabled by something?

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When i disabled ex. YouTube and Google Photos apps, they re-enabled after a while and get software updates from play store.

What service re-enabled them and can i disable it?


  • Nope, if you have disabled the app, it then dosnt get updates.

    What i have disabled is system apps, like YouTube, so it is something in the rom who watch these.

  • I had this problem for several days when my Z6 was new.

    Seems to be something not working correctly at first on new phones.

    I had started trying to track down what was causing it, when the problem disappeared without me doing anything.

    So keep disabling those apps, and eventually it will stick.

    There is a thread about this on XDA also, several people have had this problem.

  • This hasnt been fixed, so Asus please and do something about it.

  • Please list the apps affected by the issue, and your firmware version and I'll pass the log along. Is it just YouTube and Google Photos that you are having issues with re-enabling and auto-updating?

  • You can also lock an app from autostarting with PowerMaster.

    Settings>Battery>PowerMaster>Auto-start manager>Preloaded and deselect YouTube, Google Photos etc.

  • So you think that the problem is powermaster?

    Apps what gets enabled by something is: YouTube, Photos and with firmware 193, Google Chrome.

    I dosnt need Photos and i use Youtube with firefox and also browse with that, so i dont need chrome either.

  • I was thinking that a possible solution could be PowerMaster. Verify that those apps are disabled from auto-starting and see if you notice any changes. I'll know more when I hear back from the software team.

  • I adding them to the list as they coming enabled. Now let wait.

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    Now google chrome gets updated, so its get enabled but the app dosnt show up on powermaster app list at all. So it isnt a solution for this behavior.

    And i rebooted the z6, but still that chrome dosnt show up on powermaster.

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    No. But for now, it is somewhat one week without this behavior. I let them get latest updates and when i disabled them, i answer no when it asked, does i want downgrade them to their original versions.

    Perhaps that has something to do on this, or not?

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