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Fan speed issue

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System: rog zephyrus m15
Battery or AC: Battery
Model: ROG Zephyrus M15 GU502LW
Frequency of occurrence: always
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:So it happened a while ago. One time i start to release that there was a fps drop while playing games due to overheating. I found out that the speed of the laptop drops for no reason during games thuz causing it to overheat. When i switch the mode in Armoury crate to turbo mode, the fan speed rises to and stay consistent at 8000 rpm, but after a minute or so while gaming, the fan speed just gets lower for no reason to 6700 rpm.
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Hello Kevin,
Which BIOS version and Armoury Crate version are you using now?
And can I have the screenshot or video record of Armoury Crate for the issue?
I would like to see the temperature of both CPU and GPU, and the fan RPM.
Thank you.

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Hi, so the BIOS version is : GU502LW.309. And the Armoury craete version is I will have a video record of the issue later i think.

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Sorry for the language, so the first image is when i switch to turbo mode, and it has a fan speed rpm of 8000. But after a while in the second image as you can see, the rpm dropped to around 6000 rpm, which kinda causes overheating problems and performance issues

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Hello Blake,
So is there a cause to this problem?