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XG Mobile

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Hello everybody

I am happy owner of an Asus Rog Ally + xg mobile 4090. I think it is the best gaming setup that I ever had, super convenient, easy to transport.... no words...

It is true that price is high but I was sure that Asus was going to continue supporting this technology and now I am dissapointed and worried to see that Asus is substituting the XGM port for two usb c ports in their new ally X.

Anyone knows in the comunity, what is going to be the future of this technology? Also the laptops will stop using it? It is very weird because I was pretty convinced to bet on this propietary system for the future, specially when my experience has been so good.

Thanks for reading me

Have a nice evening




Hey there! 


It's understandable to feel disappointed and concerned about the changes. It sounds like you've had a fantastic experience with your current setup, so it's natural to want that reliability and convenience to continue. As for the future of XG Mobile technology, it's hard to say for certain, but ASUS has a track record of innovation and support for their products. 


We recommend that you keep an eye out on our announcements or reaching out to our official support team for more information. In the meantime, enjoy your gaming setup and here's hoping for positive developments in the future! :mando_de_videoconsola:


Best regards!