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触屏问题 touch problem Honor of Kings

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玩王者荣耀 Honor of Kings got much of touch problem !
腾讯游戏开120贞加x模式。都很多点不到触不了屏幕的问题。What to say about a low-latency touchscreen phone!As a result, the touch screen is worse than all mobile phones, and Honor of Kings often cannot press anything When answering on the cover menu !!open 120 and x mode top speed also touch nothings noob
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Rog phone 1 nvr have this problem !
Rog 2 only say Delayed low touch, but instead often clicked! !! !! !! Nothing!!!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Please confirm following information first. Thank you.
Firmware version
Have you installed screen protector?

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Don't simply judge a phone performance by just a game. I totally understand your feeling, however, from what you mentioned, I could see it's only happened to the specific games (王者榮耀). You may complaint about the "low latency" as you wish, but before that, do provide some recording to identify where the real problem and not just simple write few words then want people to hear from you (or do something to you)
Another one thing, shout and complaint about the phone's problem like what you are doing only if you have experienced the same problems (touch sensors problem) to games, UI and etc (show with the video recording as evidence) . Otherwise, do mind about how you ask for help when you need some assistance from others.