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Bootloader unlock Tool ASUS

Star I

I wan't to unlock the bootloader from zenfone 8. 

The official unlock tool for the bootloader no longer works. When will the functionality be restored?


Star III

I also wait, hopefully they say something end this month. I own this hardware and i want to use it freely, means i can use it with full permission. I don't understand why there is even need to ask asus for that. This is my device and paid the price for that. You also don't restrict customers on your motherboard to only use windows, they can also install linux if they want so it should be here too, especially when they stop supporting it and the device gets vulnerabil by found exploits. I dont want to be forced to buy a new phone a 3 years when i like the current model and there is nothing comparabel to replace it, in your last event you said you want to be eco, but this is not eco when iam forced to buy a new phone again. That could be indeed be a law in the future. Instead you make everytime a stupid phone, why you dont cut back and make a phone worth to be buyed. Your last Rogphone you presented as Zenfone is complett **bleep** like you do sonething different and think you will win the market. Thats nothing special and only a semi device like all other arround. I really dont think you heared the right customers couse the last phone you presented is the complett opposite you provided. Stop that goofy phone movement. I have a big screen in my living room and not in my pocket.