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Green Screen tint

Star III
Hello dear Asus friend users
My brand new Asus Zenfone 7 pro has Green tint on Screen both 60 and 90 hz, even in 50% of brightness on Gray scale colors.
Iv'e contacted Asus for assistance cause my device has less than a month of life.
I sent It in the rapir Asus Lab in my country... Well they said that the Screen Is perfect and it's a basic "feature" of OLED Screen... Well joking apart... I'm a graphic designer that works with screens for about 8/10 hrs per day , i know that It isn't normal and i know how different tecnologies of screen's panels works.
(Iv'e tried all the solutions provided by Asus and also tried myself to fix it as i'm a geek)
Since i cannot use Asus warranty benefits for this problem as i understood fromtheir words...and i don't want to have a device that is sold for that features and i'm forced to use it as a defective product...
Since Asus didn't want to repair my screen (i also provided photos in my e-mail that i sent to them), I don't care about 90hz at all but 60hz... You know the minimum standard. There is some way or software fix to solve this issue/problem ?