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Asus ROG Phone 2 issues.

I have a Chinese Asus ROG phone 2 (tencent edition. 512gb storage version) i had this phone since it launch in China. I was able to acquire it in one of my trips. So, the issue is that this was working normally like a two weeks ago since I used the rog phone accessories. I have the dock station, fan, twin dock and kunai gamepad. It seems since then all accessories have stopped working. I have plugged in the charger that comes with the phone and it seems the accessories are able to charge ( twin dock). The moment I connect the phone to it is doesn't turn on the screen. I see the light is green in the light indicator. Then I thought it might be the battery because is old. Then I tried the fan and didn't turn on. Then I tried the docking station and the same thing. Has anyone know what is happening? Also, when I charge the phone from the port that uses the other device (accessories) my phone charges fine. Any advice that can be the issue?

I will another comment. After full charge the phone and the twin dock view. It turns on but the screen is not responding to the touch. When I turn off and turn back on the twin dock, the second screen becomes a mirror screen of my phone. I am not sure what is happening. I thought maybe the side dual connection was at fault. But, when it came back on maybe I was mistaken. Th other thing I noticed is the i have to "force it" so it connects. I didn't have to do that before. I am not sure what is happening. Was there an update that cause this? I always keep up to date with my updates on my phone from ASUS.