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Random vibration while talking on the phone

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ZF Model: ZB633KL
Firmware/APP Version: Pie
Frequency of Occurrence: Almost always
Rooted: No
APP Name: Phone calls

Last edited by Beetroot on 2019/9/11 12:36 Hi. My Max 2 vibrate randomly while talking. It can be short or long vibration. For 1 minute converstion it can vibrate several times. It doesn't matter if data transmission is on/off or VoLTE settings is on/off or WiFi is on/off. I read that Zb632 have the same issue. It' very annoying. Is it software or hardware issue? Is it covered by warranty?

Hello to all! Selena_ASUS, I confirm this problem on the latest firmware build OPTM1.WW_Phone-16.2018.1908.48-20190816. And, as Beetroot wrote, it have been solving by disabling the touch vibration, but this action also disable vibration when the other side picked up the phone. So I think this is a bug.

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Hi Selena, Thank you for update which went smoothly. After update random vibration are gone.  BUT still there are single vibration when I'm talking on the phone and with screen off I touch the screen at places where buttons are (places where buttons are when screen is on). Sometimes I activate single vibration with my ear.  BUT it's acceptable for me. I'm satisfied. Thank you again. 

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Hi Selena, My last post seems to be lost somehow. I hope this won't.  I updated phone without problem. Now random vibration is gone. Sometimes when I touch the screen with finger or ear (screen off when speaking) there are single vibration. I noticed that it is when I touch the screen in places where buttons are (I mean when screen is on there are buttons keyboard, speaker...). But overall it's ok for me. Thank you again.

Beetroot posted on 2019/10/11 13:32 Hi Selena,
Hello, where did you get an update?

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Beetroot posted on 2019/10/14 01:08 Hi Selena, My last post seems to be lost somehow. I hope this won't.  I updated phone without p ...
Hi Beetroot I'm glad that your issue has been resolved Thank you for sharing your solution with the rest of the forum members Thank you:)