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4gb video record limit, manual focus problem, audio quality

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ZF Model: ZE554KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_ZC554KL_15.2016.1812.505
Frequency of Occurrence: always
Rooted: No
APP Name: Asus PixelMaster

Hello. English is not my first language. My phone have dual-lens camera, which fixes me to only standard app PixelMaster, because only it can switch between them. So, when we have wide-lens action camera, in general we want to shoot long videos. That is not possible even with exFAT SDXC 256GB. Record just stops around 4GB. This is terrible, when you set phone on stabilizer and record some 2-3 hours conversation. We want to press button and record. Just it. There is no real point to that limit in such situation. At minimum, there is need for some option "start new file". And once again, 5000mAh battery, 256GB memory, wide lens action camera and ... one file ~26 minutes. So disbalanced ... Second problem with manual focus in pro mode. Set it too fast to infinity - and it flips back (some overflow?) to middle. And third is audio quality 96kbps is simply terrible "blu wu yoo" sounds like from bottom of the universe. Can i recommend to increase it ? Seriously, smartphone is not just device for kids.

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And when i connect 3.5 jack mic Camera tells me, that sound goes from it, but really it records from phone-mic.

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Last edited by Jei_ASUS on 2019/2/19 17:50 Hi bugadenis, For the problem of camera recording sound from phone's microphone, I have reported to our tech team, and I will notify you once we receive any information. For the other inquiries, we would advise you to update to the latest version WW-15.2016.1902.507, and check if the problem is still appearing. Please go to Settings > System > System updates to check update. Or download the firmware from our website: How to update firmware: If the problem is still appearing, please help me with the questions below :) 1) Do you mean you could only record up to 4GB, 26 minutes, then it automatically stops? 2) Could you tell me which mode you are recording your videos? Please show me a screenshot of your camera settings as well. 3) By wide lens action, do you mean auto mode & Wide angle? Do you mean when your recording in auto mode, wide angle, you can only record up to 4GB, 26 minutes? Audio quality 96kbps, do you mean when recording with camera as well? Where do you see the quality is 96 kbps? Thank you for your help 🙂

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Last edited by bugadenis on 2019/2/24 02:31 Thank you. After firmware update i tried again. 1. Result is the same. 26 minutes, message "video file reached max length" (in russian). I have large 256 GB SDXC card formatted in exFAT by phone itself, but PixelMaster behave like it on fat32 filesystem. I can give you a screenshot, but my interface in russian language. There is no option to control "file length" or "auto create new file on limit". 2. At this moment i tried this in "Auto" mode with wide lens, and in "Pro" mode with classic lens. 3. Wide (i have two physical rear lenses with two different sensors and switch between them before i shoot) lens work only in "Auto" mode. 4. Use ffprobe (from ffmpeg) on recorded file - it shows me 96kbps aac-lc ... And by the way it sounds like this awful low bitrate. 5. In "Pro" mode, try to set focus manually to inf, and you will see, that it will "bounce-back" by himself without any command, sometimes it holds (fixes), in general - it jump back (somewhere to "middle").

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Last edited by bugadenis on 2019/2/24 02:27 Set focus manually, i mean, incrementually with rotated wheel, not just by tap with finger. And there is also that annoying thing, in Pro mode, after video recording finished (we press "stop" button) - every setting stay as it was before we press "record" button, but "focus" is reset to "auto" (and when we want to focus only manually - we need to refocus after every stop-button-press). So, we don't need to reset "focus" after every stop.