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why does battery charging stop at 68%

Star I
often happens, when charging the battery and at the position of 68% will be stopped , LED indicator flashes red and green, showing the battery is charged even though it is not 100% full. Is this a bug or a system malfunction?

Star II
Same problem for me happening now

Star II
it is happening with me since last year...Complained many times..But developers told me they are observing the issue but never fixed it..The only solution is to charge the device b switching it off or charge the device in a cold place without using the device

Zen Master I
It happens only during summer time when environment temperature is high and particularly during day time. This issue happens when the device/battery temperature goes beyond 43-45°C during charging. That time you would see the charging is stuck at 68% or 70% or 75% and the charging light is toggling as green/orange. Asus didn't work on this well known issue even after repeated reportings from us. And as Punit mentioned above, thats the only temporary fix whenever you face the issue.