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New FOTA update for Zenfone Max Pro M2

ZF Model: ZB631KL
Firmware/APP Version: 15.2016.1812.179
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name:

When will be the new update? After the .179 update, the touch response of the phone is very delayed and the battery drains faster. It is now very hard to use the phone. I even had a hard time typing this post. Frustrating!

Star III
Last edited by Selena_ASUS on 2019/1/16 14:50 Hi alexandersalarda22 Thanks for your feedback Please provide any videos available that would show touch delay matter. We have already reported this issue back to our tech team We will get back to you if there is anything coming up. Are you talking about battery drains in standby mode or in use? If you think that there’s battery draining in standby mode, please charge your phone to full before going to sleep, and leave it unused and unplugged overnight. Please capture 2 screenshots as below on the next morning before you use your phone and tell me how many percentage of power the phone has consumed overnight: 1. Battery : settings> Battery 2. History details: settings> Battery> please click the sheet Thank you{:11_306:}