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Max pro m2 android 10 firmware bugs

Star II
An android 10 update With build number was available from asus support page QKQ1.WW_Phone17.2018.1912.409 20200114. It was buggy and consumed lot of battery. Then the firmware is removed and a new update WW-16.2017.2002.073 is displayed. I can't install the new update. Also after updating to android 10. I lost vowifi functionality and also widewine got downgraded from l1 to l3 so I can't play Netflix at 1080p anymore. Please fix these two bugs.

Zen Master I
The version .409 which you are talking about, that is still available on Asus support page and that version is Android 10 beta version for Max Pro M2, released on 31st January, 2020. Since its a Beta version, its very much expected to have numerous number of bugs. Stable version gets released only after receiving information of those bugs from the beta testers.
Now about .073 version, which is the last firmware version for Pie users, which was released in March, 2020 and you CANNOT install the .073 version if you are on Android 10 beta firmware. Android 10 beta version .409 doesn't support widevine L1 certification either. If you want to install .073 Pie version, then you first have to downgrade from Android 10 beta version to .071 Pie version by using the only "Downgrade version" available on Asus support page. You have to follow all steps very carefully before going to downgrade. Steps are mentioned clearly at that "Downgrade version" details.
Only after downgrading to the .071 Pie version, you would be able to install the .073 version.
P.S. - .073 version does support widevine L1 certification.

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