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Fix this major issues first for Asus Zenfone Max Pro m1

Star III
For me.
1. Heating issue
2. Sound output
3. Vodafone VOLTE Not working
4. Forced dark mode not working properly
5.fix not HD in PUBG

Zen Master I
Hi souvikshaw4004,
Please provide your firmware version: Settings > About phone > Build number.
1. Heating issue:
About overheat when gaming, and device heating issue in regular use, we suggest that you avoid running apps that may use much memory for a long time, for example, 3D games and video.
Also, it's recommended that do not use your phone/tablet while it is charging.
Please also try removing the background apps in recent app list, and check again.
Please also check if this behavior appears in safe mode: How to Enter and Exit Safe Mode on Android phone ? | Official Support | ASUS Global
For more information on improving the overheating behavior:
If the problem still appears, please tell us
Which zone is heating up (back/upper/middle/lower)
The app/ app version you're using
Were you using the app and charging at the same time? Or only charging? Only using the app?
How much is the ambient temperature when this appears
About how much is the temperature of the phone
2. Sound output: Please describe in more details.
Could you tell us does this appear on wired earphone/bluetooth headphones/phone's speaker?
What app/app version are you using?
Do you have a music link you can provide as an example?
Could you describe in more details about the sound behavior?
3. Vodafone VOLTE Not working:
Was it available in previous versions? Which version was it?
4. Forced dark mode not working properly:
Could you show us a screenshot of the behavior? Which part is it not working?
5.fix not HD in PUBG:
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
This issue is under investigation.
We will notify you once we receive any update on this issue.
Thank you 🙂

Star III
Firmware Version WW-17.2017.2004.424
1. Heating issue: It is heating while I play PUBG and also while I charge my phone on afternoon.
2. Sound output: Bluetooth sound output is good, but on speaker output is slightly low and cracky while in full volume.
3. Vodafone VOLTE problem : It was even not working in 063 and also older version. Here is the screenshot for beta 2, jio and airtel VOLTE perfectly working, but problem in Vodafone

4. Forced dark mode not working properly: In Facebook app the forced dark mode working very badly, here is screenshot.
5. Fix HD on PUBG: fix this...

Zen Master I
Hi souvikshaw4004,
An updated Android 10 version WW-17.2017.2006.429 has been released.
Improve items:
1. Sound volume and quality
2. PUBG HD and High Frame Rate
For the complete release note, please check:
You may manually download from our website in the link above.
Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

For overheating, we suggest that you refer to this article to troubleshoot the problem:
ZB601KL does not support VoLTE with Vodafone. Thanks for your understanding.
After checking with relevant teams, force dark mode in Facebook or other third party apps may not be fully applied. This is due to the compatibility with third party apps. Thanks for your understanding.