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couldn't load bitmap fill - ball (error 7) asus pro max 1 android 9

How to resolve this error (Asus Zenfone max pro M1)
1E.couldn't load bitmap fill - ball (error 7)
2.supported API:3
And this problem occurred update android 10 occurred and after downgrade android 9 same problem occurred so I am in android 9 , device in safe mode and volume automatically decrease some time
Please help me to resolve this problem

Rising Star I
Yes it had happened to my phone too and believe me no one will be able to help you to fix this issue here untill you get the stable Android update.
if you have no patience then please go to the service centre and ask them to fix it. They will flash Android pie using their resources and the issue will be fixed.

Zen Master III
Hi there, kindly share with us the firmware version of the device and screenshot of the issue so that we can have a better look at it.