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APP Name:
Rooted: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Every second
Firmware/APP Version: 055
ZF Model: ZB602KL

Last week I am struggling with quick charge, phone is charging very slow, and quick charge icon doesn't appear. All begins after 6 days festival, I enabled battery saving mode and phone lasts for 3 days, when battery was near 2-5% i started to charge it, 2 times. When I came home phone was charging for 6 hours from 1%, it was third time. Now phone takes forever to charge, it needs 1 hour to charge from 90 to can I examine a problem? And what I should do?

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Hi taras28ua What is the actual charging time from 0 to 100%? Let us know. Is there a particular game/app which you are using while device is getting charged? There could be some apps running in the background. Did you charging your device with official cable ? Thank you 🙂

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Zb601kl also having same problem

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Charging From 60%to100%takes3hours

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Selena_ASUS posted on 2019/8/14 09:47 Hi taras28ua What is the actual charging time from 0 to 100%? Let us know.
In asus specs official charging time is 2 h 46 m. I am charging it after work from 25-35% to 99-100%. Earlier it was taking 2-3 hours, without using phone while charging. And if woke up a screen, text said "fast charge" (or something similar, I am using Ukrainian language), now it never shows that, and charging forever. I used original cable, now trying 3rd party cables, result is the same. Scenarios of using phone are the same, the only thing was using battery saving mode and going to near full discharge.