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Bug: Improve Bluetooth latency On Android 10 on Asus Max Pro M1

Star II
The Bluetooth Latency is much higher on android 10 builds as compared to pie builds. On pie builds I am getting latency of 70-90 ms but on android 10 Developer version build , the latency is 150ms+, it would be great if you could look into this latency issue. As now most people use bt earphones it would be great if you can reduce the latency.
Please asus take this as a serious bug as most people use bt earphones to play video , games and low latency is very imp and since latency is very good on pie stable , I think it would be possible to get such good latency in android 10 too.
Hope you take this into consideration.

Zen Master I
Hi siddharthdas876,
Could you tell us the app/app version you're using that have this problem?
Please tell us the brand/model of your Bluetooth device.
Please check if it appears on other Bluetooth devices.