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Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1/M2 - Bluetooth Connect with Windows 10 PC - Unstable

At home 2 others and I use Asus Max Pro M1 and Asus Max Pro M2. Both devices while trying to connect with any Windows 10 Laptop via bluetooth, get paired. But then automatically keep disconnecting within 5 seconds. Tried connecting a Moto g5 on android 9 via bluetooth to the same Laptops and it establishes a stable connection. Tried upgrading to Android 10 on Asus Max Pro M1, same issue persists. Inititally when Android Pie update had been released, asus support agent had helped me resolve issue by clearing bluetooth cache. But that does not work now. Tried safe mode on both Max Pro M1 and Max Pro M2 - issue persists. Did a network reset on both models, issue persists. Cleared cache partition on both models, issue persists. Kindly help!

Zen Master III
Hi there, we'd request you to factory reset your phone after taking a full backup. Once Android 10 stable version is released you can check the same, as you may face some stability issues in Beta version.

Hey I have also tried factory reset of 2 Max Pro M1s and 1 Max Pro M2, Issue still persists. The issue is there on Android 9 and Android 10. It is there across 4 different phones of the same make - ASUS Max Pro M1 and M2. About 6 months ago one of the agents had suggested resetting bluetooth and it had helped at that time. but now it does not help.