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Android auto Impossible with USB charging

Star I
ZF Model: ZE554KL
Firmware/APP Version: Last
Frequency of Occurrence: Every time
Rooted: No
APP Name:

The default USB conection type is to charge. Theres no way we need every time we plug the USB on the car, to config the USB to thetering or Midi, in order to Android auto to work. You NEED to allow a chance in the default mode.

If you access developer mode, you can choose the default USB connection method. At least on Zc554kl and ZB602KL I can choose which USB standard I wish to connect to automatically. Hope it works.

Zen Master I
Last edited by Jei_ASUS on 2019/6/18 15:19 Hi henriquegmc, You may check out marcio_abranches's suggestion and check if it can improve the problem. Settings > System > Developer's Option > Default USB Configuration > File Transfer. If this could not improve the problem, please kindly show us a short video of the problem, and provide us with your firmware version, Android Auto version, Car brand, model, and year. To share videos, please upload it to ASUS WebStorage ( and share the link with us. Thank you 🙂