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Android 10

Star II
Wifi calling is absent
Google dialer sometimes hangs
Google camera freezes in hdr enhanced mode but in android 9 gcam works fine
Stock camera quality is zero
Volume while video call is low
Battery drain fast
Charging slow


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These are some issues in android 10 beta

Zen Master I
Hi agggarwal.akshay,
Is your phone ZB601KL or ZB630KL?
Please provide your firmware version: Settings > About phone > Build number.
Wifi calling is absent>Please tell us your operator name. Did your operator support VoLTE on your phone in previous versions? Please tell us which firmware version.
Do you mean the Phone app? Could you describe in details about how it hangs? Please show us a short video if possible.
Please tell us your Google Camera version. Please show us a short video of the problem.
Please try clearing storage of camera and check again. If the problem still appears, please show us an original photo of this problem. Please also provide us the information as below: Rear/front camera, the ambient brightness, which camera mode, what camera settings( Screenshot the preview before you take the picture. Also, access the camera settings by tapping the upper right three dots and screenshot this page.)
Which app/app version are you using to Video call? Is the volume observed low on your side or the other person's side? Are you using the phone's speakers or wired earphones?
Is the battery drain problem appearing in use or sleep mode?
Are you using the original charger? Please try with new cables and check again. The fast charging appears after a few minutes when you plug in your charger. Please check your lock screen after a few minutes. If the problem still appears, please tell us at which battery levels does fast charging not work.
Thank you 🙂

Star II
Wifi calling is absent in android 10 beta 2 (424) airtel and reliance jio provide vowifi service in delhi.
None gcam version works fine after android 10 beta update it freezes while capture pic in hdr enhanced it only freezes in while taking pic from rear camera.
Sometimes google phone app hangs
I am using original charger and it charge my phone in 3 hrs and drain fast while using battery saver

Star II
Airtel wifi calling is missing in android pie also