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A plea to both sides

Star III
I own a Max Pro M1. Like the rest of you, I am fed up with the dishonesty of the Asus developers team. Many custom ROMs (which are entirely managed by only a few people for FREE) get regular updates in the matter of WEEKS. Whereas Asus is always MONTHS behind the original schedule. And the developers clearly don't bother personally reading/replying to posts on this forum. I request the developers to please explain what their problem is. Bug-free updates shouldn't take so long.
To make matters worse, the customer care workers and the forum moderators always post empty replies which help no one. "We understand your emotions. Please stay tuned to blahblahblah" my a$$. It really frustrates me to read every word of these replies. I request the moderators to PLEASE change something. Talk to your bosses about what you are allowed to type in your replies. Even some honesty will be much appreciated.

On the other hand, I feel bad for the forum moderators, and the customer care on the MyAsus app. It cannot be an enjoyable job for anyone. We, the users are always complaining about minor problems with our budget phones (which is a cheap luxury). Even the workers who want to genuinely help us don't have the permission/information to do that. So, I also request my fellow users to be a little more respectful to the moderators.

Wow that was a long post. Thank you everyone for reading. Stay safe.

Rising Star II
But they dont give a f