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Zenfone 9 call speaker issue

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Hi, I have an issue with the speaker option when I'm on a call. If I press the speaker option all the sound goes and I can't hear anything. I tested it with my friends phone and they can hear me fine but I can't hear anything. I assume this is a software bug. Please fix this.
The speakers work fine otherwise and this issue only happens if the speaker option is selected during a call. Nothing restores the sound again except hanging up and calling again.

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ok thanks for ignoring my message devs.

Hey @devilcat_7! Thanks for bringing this to our notice. Can you please share your firmware version?

I have the same issue where as soon as I press the speaker button, or switch to normal sound the sound just fully disappears.


My firm version is 


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I'm having a similar issue with the speakers right out of the box. It just arrived today and every calls that I had, when I tried to turn the speakers on, the person on the other side would instantly stop hearing me.
It's currently running android 12 on the latest update 32.2004.2004.59