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ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump

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As requested by the mod - opening new discussion for the issue.
The Flashing Full Ramdump happened to me too - the phone was being charged over the night and the error was waiting when I woke up.
I hope that at least your service will fix it quickly.
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Typical Asus behavior sweeping everything under the carpet, if they continue with this kind of customer service I hope one day their mobile division will collapse. We consumers just have to take things into our own hands and expose them to the public.
Like what I have been suggesting for some time, we need more people to write reviews about their experience in mainstream platforms. I have done so already, hope more will follow.

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@Gustav_ASUS basically told me I have no grounds for asking for a refund or a replacement or warranty due to living in the US. The eBay seller might pull through but I haven't heard from them in a couple of days. Oh well expensive lesson learned, never buy an Asus product. Maybe I'll give in and get a Samsung something or a Sony something if I want things like dual sim and expandable storage.

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This is not what I told you, please don't muddy the waters with misleading information.

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Add me to the list, ramdump message, not unlocked bootloader or anything like that, just made a call and it $£"%£"$%£$ itself. Calledf Asus support, wont discuss it because it was imported. First and last Asus I ever buy. complete garbage device and customer service.

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This is not what I told you, please don't muddy the waters with misleading information.

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"I sincerely wish I could be of more help but as I said, the Zenfone 8 Flip is not available in the US which means we can't service it there and it won't have warranty in your region. Your reseller knows this. (And hopefully they also make this clear to the customer beforehand.)"
I wouldn't have tagged you in a comment if I felt it misrepresented what you said. It's not helpful to tell me I brought this on myself regardless of how polite you were about it. Putting all the responsibility for your products on buyers and resellers clearly shows how little pride you take in your products.
If a student from Hong Kong went to the US and their phone bricked leaving them without a device to contact family back home what should they do? Was it their fault for buying a Zenfone and going to the US? Do I need to send my phone to Hong Kong to get it serviced? This regional warranty makes zero sense, people travel with their devices.

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I'm curious how many cases are needed so Asus will finally do something to prevent more cases....
As usual I'm sure that I won't get any response from Asus....