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Zenfone 8: need driver for Windows 7

Star I
Hi, when I want to connect my new Zenfone 8 via USB cable with my Toshiba notebook (WIN7Pro) it shows in device manager a yellow exclamation mark. when I click on it it says 'driver not installed'. When I want to update the driver Windows cannot find a driver for the Zenfone 8.
I could install my previous Samsung S10e to connect to my Toshiba. Both phones run Android 11.
Question: does anybody has a solution for this problem or can point me to the driver I can use to make Zenfone 8 work with Windows 7 Pro?
Thanks for your help.

Rising Star I
Probably the easiest way to transfer files would be over wireless, as Win7 is an outdatted version that is not supported anymore.