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Zenfone 8 MMS Issue - Can't download/view images in Messages app

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I cannot seem to view MMS images in the Messages app on my new Zenfone 8. I checked my APN settings and they all seem correct. I know I have received the MMS as there is a a "Download" button for the message but when I press it nothing happens. Is this a known issue withthe Zenfone 8 and is there a fix or workaround as it is very annoying.

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I use the default Optus APN settings
(Not allowed to post a link)
My Messages app has been granted all permissions.

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Chat features by Google are disabled.

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Hey Guys,
I have exactly the same issue with my ASUS Zenfone 8 with latest OS.
Troubleshooting Steps Performed so far:
# Reset Android Stock SMS App Permissions & Allowed full permissions & Reinstalled APP - (No Luck)
# Reset Network Settings - (No Luck)
# Reset APN Settings to factory - (No Luck)
# Added Manual Settings as per Coles Mobile - (No Luck)
# Tested Other Coles Mobile SIMS - (No Luck)
# Tested Telstra Postpaid SIMS (Works)
# Tested my SIM (Coles Mobile on iPhone 11) (Works)
# Tested other SMS Apps & FB Messenger - (No Luck)

Carrier: Coles Mobile (AU) MVNO Backend Optus Mobile
Phone: ASUS Zenfone 8
Android OS: 11
Software Version: WW_30.11.51.83
Coles Mobile Support Advised below MMS Settings (Ething is good except the MMS Protocol (For Android 2.1 or higher): WAP 2.0 which I can't seem to find WPA 2.0)
Name: Coles Mobile
Home Page / MMSC: (Ignore the link see screenshot below as I can't post links yet)
Primary / MMS Proxy:
Port: 8070
MCC: 505
MNC: 02
Auth Type: PAP
APN type: MMS
MMS Protocol (For Android 2.1 or higher): WAP 2.0

My Current MMS APN Settings:

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Would love an answer for this as well. Also having the same issue. No problem with Sim on previous phone (galaxy S9). ZenFone 8 has the download button for the MMS and does not let me send them either. Reset already tried.

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Same issue for me too with Zenfone 8 Flip on Exetel which uses the Optus network. Even got a replacement SIM card in addition to all the steps others above have tried. Still no MMS.