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Zenfone 8 MMS Issue - Can't download/view images in Messages app

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I cannot seem to view MMS images in the Messages app on my new Zenfone 8. I checked my APN settings and they all seem correct. I know I have received the MMS as there is a a "Download" button for the message but when I press it nothing happens. Is this a known issue withthe Zenfone 8 and is there a fix or workaround as it is very annoying.

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I have same issue that I cannot send or receive MMS with pictures attached on Asus Zenfone 8

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Could you share also your APN settings and the operator you are using?
Plus share your settings in the Android Messages app?

(Open Messages, settings)
Both settings in "Chat Features" and in "Advanced"


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Using Amaysim on Optus. Have tried to set APN according to amaysim guide.
There are a number of APNs Optus Internet, Optus Zoo, amaysim mms

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I have the same issue. I am using ASUS ROG 5
I put the same SIM in a Samsung galaxy and MMS send and receive fine
Yet with my SIM in the ROG 5, they fail to send, or I see only a download button when I receive them.
When I tap the download button, it spins but never downloads