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Zenfone 8 microphone problem

Star I

Hello there,
i often need to use loudspeaker during my phonecalls and when I do that, the other person cannot hear me very well.
I determined, that only the upper firing microphone is working while in loudpeaker mode and downfiring microphone is off for some reason.
While calling normally (quiet mode if you will), the downfiring microphone works all right.
There is no dust, nor dirt in microphones, have tried all sorts of solutions (software wise, didnt try to disassemble it yet) but, nothing have worked.
I didnt try clean re-install though, as it is always long and tiresome process for me.
Did not find any of related settings even in developer "settings", so maybe I missed something?

And please dont try to tell me, that this is normal, because my old and trusted Mi A3 had both microphones turned on while using loudspeaker calling.

Should I wait for android 12 update, or install some custom OS, or could you suggest some better solution please?

Model Name: Zenfone 8
Firmware Version:
Rooted or not: not yet
Frequency of Occurrence: always
APP Name: Default phone app


Rising Star II
I'm encountering the same problem since I bought this phone

Rising Star II
Same problem.
I reported this issue to @Irene2_ASUS and @Gustav_ASUS , and probably some other persons reported teir logs too. I was on .115 FW update. Then it was .22 and now .36 and problem still hasn't been fixed...

My thread:

Very poor...

same. happen to me.
service center ask me to send it to them

even new update.. still happen