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Zenfone 8 Call/Alarm Silence Question

Star I
Hi all, I recently switched from a Samsung 9 to a Pixel 5a and have been really disappointed to find out that it has two missing features. I'm wondering if the Zenfone 8 has these features:
1) The ability to IMMEDIATELY silence an incoming phone call ringer or alarm by hitting ONE button, e.g. the volume down button
2) The ability to switch phone ringer volume between silent/vibrate by holding the volume DOWN button and back to normal volume by holding the volume UP button
These might seem nit picky, but after years of using Samsung phones I'm shocked that they aren't industry standard features.
When I'm in a conversation or at an event and unexpectedly get a phone call or alarm, I want to be able to immediately silence the interruption by hitting a single button - not have to hold down the volume button while the noise gradually decreases as I do with my Pixel 5a (which in turn leaves my phone ringer silent - not even in vibrate mode - and unable to hear future phone calls - when I just want a "temporary ignore/silence" button).
Similarly, I want to be able to toggle my phone between silent, vibrate, and audible very easily with one hand. On the Pixel 5a, I need TWO hands to press two different buttons - and it will it only turn the phone to silent, not back to audible, which means I then need to unlock my phone, hit a volume key to pull up the quick volume settings, then tap two additional menu options to change the ringer & alarms back to audible.
Sorry for the rant, but I really don't want to bother buying a Zenfone 8 if I'm just going to encounter the same frustrations, as I'll just wind up getting rid of it a few weeks later like I'm about to do with the Pixel 5a.
Can anyone do me a big favor by confirming if the Zenfone 8 has these features? Thanks so much!!!