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VoLTE and Wifi Calling on Zenfone 8

Rising Star II
Hi all,
Does anyone know if we can expect enabling VoLTE and Wifi Calling in european networks? I can only see in settings that icons for these options are available to enable at notification bar:

Also as call quality is quite poor, can we expect some improvement with software updates as enabling HD Voice codecs?
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Star I
Hi there,
Is there anything being done for Digi.Mobil Romania? The code to enable the options in Mobile Network works and the VoLTE and VoWiFi switches can be activated, but nothing happens, so I guess no MBN for it?

Rising Star I
Still no VoLTE for VIVACOM in Bulgaria...

Star I
Can you ask orange France to add the Zenfone 8 on their smartphone list compatible with volte please?
Because, as long as it doesn't figure on this list,it is a pain for owners to get the volte activated.
Orange cancelled volte on my Zenfone 8 (very good phone so far) and I have to get mad with a counselor once again to get it back.

Rising Star II
It is something unbelievable. I remember that with 2g and 3g there was no such issues. You just buy any supporting phone and it works. The same should be with 4g.
UE make tons of useless legislation and should do sth with that.

Star I
Whats the status for Telenor Norway? I love this phone, but calling really sucks...