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VoLTE and Wifi Calling on Zenfone 8

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Hi all,
Does anyone know if we can expect enabling VoLTE and Wifi Calling in european networks? I can only see in settings that icons for these options are available to enable at notification bar:

Also as call quality is quite poor, can we expect some improvement with software updates as enabling HD Voice codecs?
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I can see that volte is available again in Orange Pl. Wificalling still doesn't work. Some ongoing tests?

Edit: stopped working again, so still nothing new

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Hi @Gustav_ASUS
Do you know what's the timeline for Wificalling/volte in Orange Poland? Will that take a week, month or longer to enable both services?

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@lukasz.szabelski takie a look here.

That's disappointing if true for WW version as well...

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It actually was not Asus fault, it was Orange Poland decided to screw us. They probably don't care our Asus phone users
Yes, indeed it was clearly working before but they use whitelist system to keep blocking VoLTE.
What Orange need to do is validate and add ZF8 to the list.

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hey Asus,
When will you implement VOLTE and WIFI calling for Australian carriers like Telstra/Optus?
It can not be that hard.

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If it's true about Orange PL, ZF8 will be my first and last Asus. I'll wait when my warranty ends and swap to some Samsung S series phone. Flagship phone shouldn't have problems like ZF8