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VoLTE and Wifi Calling on Zenfone 8

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Hi all,
Does anyone know if we can expect enabling VoLTE and Wifi Calling in european networks? I can only see in settings that icons for these options are available to enable at notification bar:

Also as call quality is quite poor, can we expect some improvement with software updates as enabling HD Voice codecs?
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Vodafone Italy VoLTE shouldnt be missing though..

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I don't have it. And also another guy on telegram group...

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Hello, could you confirm when the availability of VoLTE for Orange Slovakia will be available? Thank you

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Same thing here on Orange FR (though it was with the previous update).

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As i said by PM to Kris_ASUS, i think my issue is due to Orange FR, which have a "weird" implementation of VoLTE.

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I've asked Orange PL support on their chat if certification process has fully ended on their side for ZF8. Support member told me that device may be banned as it's still uncertified. I've passed information that was recently posted here that since .67 update, certification should be finished. He admit that they have conflicting information to provided by Asus support about certification.
I'm waiting for further information from Orange technical support.

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possibly it has already been reported
Poland, the Plus network (Polkomtel Sp.z o.o.), please add VoLTE or at least HD Voice, because currently the quality of calls is terrible