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Text messages not arriving

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For the last few days, some - not all - SMS messages sent to my phone have not arrived. This occurs with services - .e.g. GiffGaff (I am on GiffGaff) - that send SMSs as TFA, except that when I tell such a service to resend the text, then I receive it. Also, a few messages from friends have gone missing. Can anyone help me to solve this problem?
I have a Zenfone 8. It has Android 12 and the latest release of the firmware. It is not rooted. The type of signal that I am on is (mostly) 4G.
I do not think that my SMS application, which is Textra, is to blame. (For, I could no see the missing messages in the stock SMS app, namely, the one called 'Messages'.)


Community Legend III
@TumTiTa First step, I would uninstall any third-party apps that make use of SMS and see if you receive all your messages as you should only using the stock Messages app. If you do, the problem probably stems from a conflict between different apps.