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Proximity sensor doesn't seem to be working.

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I hardly ever use my phone for actual calls, but the other day I had to make a call, and noticed the screen didn't go off when put near my ear. I didn't think much of it, but I decided to look into it. I've downloaded tests and used the one on the phone, but it's not detecting anything, am I missing something? Is there some option I may need to mess with?

My phone is only just back from repair, I had the ramdump problem, and really don't want to be sending it back again. I know it was definitely working before it was sent for repair. If it has to be sent away for repair again, would I be eligible for a refund? I've heard Asus are not good with refunds.



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I have the same problem, I use my ear to control various functions, the sensor does not work very well ....

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Same problem, my ear mutes myself during calls, calls other people, sends SMS...
Calls with headphones: phone freezing/restarting, issues with volume, and other.
Calls in normal mode: screen sensitivity/ear issues.
Asus please look at these thanks.