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Poor voice quality

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I have this phone from yesterday and I have notice that voice quality during phone calls is very poor 😕
People in their phones also told me that their hear me not to good.
Is it normal for that phone? Cheaper phones have better phonecall quality like this one. Im very dissapointed 😞

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What about call quality that is no HD Voice? It is better? I am thinking to buy this phone but if there is issue with Voice quality in Orange then this is major block for me.

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Wyniki tłumaczenia
After the update, I noticed he doesn't stop talking anymore, so it's better. Call quality without "hd voice" is OK.

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After all updates there still is no HD Voice. Im using Oneplus 7T and i have HD voice when i call to people but there is no hd voice when I call my girlfriends ("Kotek" in phonecall history below) Zenfone 8 😞
When she had Xiaomi Mi8 there was always HD Voice.
She changed phone from Xiaomi to Asus at 19 may and from this date there is no HD voice as you can see at screenshots.

Similar to tupatatapa's request, I'm also using "Vivacom" as mobile service provider in Bulgaria and want to request VoLTE option. Poor call quality made me return my Zenfone 8, as it failed to serve its primary purpose. However, I'm willing to reconsider and purchase it again if you manage to fix the issue soon.
Thanks and kind regards,

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I dont need volte etc. Please turn ON HD Voice because this phone dont use it 😕

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For me also without HD voice ( polish operators not support it for Asus brand) phone is useless. In my opinion the problem is that asus not start discussion with our operators to start support hd voice