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Phone died with ramdump, other ROMs don't fix it either

Star I
Hi everyone,
I also got my phone dying with the ramdump issue. First, I had wifi disconnecting and reconnecting frequently (every 10 seconds or so). I tried resetting Wifi, resetting the entire phone, but with no fix for it.
I can reboot after a ramdump (clicking all 3 buttons for 10-15 seconds), but then it happens again. Tried updating to Android 12 dev but the flash script couldn't detect the device. Finally, tried LineageOS, which installed right, but then I had similar ramdump issues.
What should I do? The phone is quite new. 😭

Zen Master I
Hi @theorangecat,
I'm sorry to hear that. Please get in touch with a local ASUS service at your earliest convenience. Please also check your inbox here on Zentalk for a PM from me.

Star I
Thanks. I'll try to contact my local ASUS service and keep you informed about the outcome.

Star I
Hi, the local ASUS Center (over email) say my phone isn't covered by the warranty anymore (although it's one month old), because I unlocked it to instal Android 12 (although the unlock app is an official Asus one).
They have no idea what's the problem, they want the device to run diagnostics on it. But if after the diagnostic, I refuse their repair cost, then I have to pay for shipping.
All this seems quite unfair for potentially a hardware problem with Wifi.
What should I do ?

Star I
So, the local Asus center, still over email, acknowledge that even if the Wifi problem is there since before I unlock and try Android 12/LineageOS, that still voids the warranty.
Quite anti-consumer all this. Just imagine if Dell or HP refuses to repair a PC for a hardware problem because the user installed another version of Windows or Linux.... Ridiculous.