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Night light issue - intermittent contrast changes

Star III
my Zenfone 8 is exhibiting a strange issue with Night Light: whenever it is active, every now and again the display will go into a kind of ultra-low-contrast mode, with blacks getting grey and everything looking washed out in general. It happens in particular when watching youtube or browsing reddit. Is anybody else seeing this? Is this a software or rather a hardware issue?

Community Legend III
@belegdol Does this happpen on all refresh rate settings? And only when night light is active?
Do you have a secondary device that you can take pictures of your display with? Would go a long way to show us what's happening.

Star III
I am on dynamic refresh rate settings. It happens when night light and dark mode are active, i have both set to activate from sunset to sunrise. I have another device, I will see if I take some pictures tonight.

Star III
It turns out I was quite wrong. Upon closer investigation I have realised that the issue has nothing to do with night light. It seems that dark mode gets very grey when the phone is set to 90 Hz and low brightness. The changes I was seeing were probably YouTube app switching back and forth between 60 and 90 Hz. Here is a video of it: (can't post links yet)
The washed out colours are only present in 90 Hz mode, neither 60 or 120 Hz are affected.
The reason I was suspecting night light was that the problem is only noticeable at lower brightness settings, which only gets used at night.

Rising Star II
I have been having this issue too! And as a matter of fact, the Zenfone 6 ALSO has the same issue. I own both Zenfone 6 and 8 and the color/contrast flickering seems to be a problem on both mostly with YouTube, reddit and even chrome. It seems that certain thumbnails and pictures on 3rd party apps like YouTube and reddit trigger the color flicker/change. Idk why, but it is noticable and very annoying sometimes. I don't it has anything to do with refresh rates as both the Zenfone 6 and 8 have the same problem. And as we know, Zenfone 6 only has 60hz display. Please let me know if you guys can fix this.