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New Zenfone8 - freezes and turns off on phone call with headphones in 3.5mm jack

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Zenfone is a week old - no issues when calls are on bluetooth or through ear piece, but headphones connected through the 3.5mm has failed 3 of 3 today. First time I've tried it.
I get a few sentences in and then phone turns itself off and restarts - strange.

Any thoughts? Running Androd 12 - 31.1010.0410.61

Reading this forum, seems like this was an issue back in July / Aug 2021 too

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I have the same problem!!!!

Hello @hclauccu and @Paolopes
I apologize for the late response and for the issues this might have caused, we would need some more information in the form of a log, which can be created by following these instructions.
Open calculator
Input ".19595+=" to enable logtool
Tap "Generate" of “Phone, mobile, networks, and signal” issue type
Try to reproduce the issue
After you encounter the issue, repeat steps 1&2
Tap "Finish and Share"
Wait for a couple of minutes, the system will notify you once the log is complete.
Share the log to Google Drive and provide the URL to us.
For privacy reasons I would much appreciate if you could send me a PM instead of sending it here.
Thank you so much!

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