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Lost All Apps Tray icon , also lost VoLTE

Star III
Android 12. Whilst confuguring the phone to suit, I have lost the Apps Tray (9-dot) icon. Even using
Long press - Home screen - Preferences - Home screen - Layout
and toggling 1-layer / 2-layer (which should include the icon) it isn't there. I think I must have wiped it away. Is there any way short of a Factory reboot to recover it?
I have also lost VoLTE from the SwipeDown Notification panel (not in visible, not in Available either). Godness knows how. Can I recover it?
I never seem to have had VoWiFi available. Is this missing from Zenfone 8?
My first post. Sorry for ignorance. I love the phone.

Hello! Sorry for the late reply!
Has your issue been solved?

Rising Star I
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