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Experience the Future of Zenfone on May 12th 2021!

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ZenFone 8 Launch Event | ASUS
Big on Performance.
Compact in Size.
Don't miss the launch event for the amazing Zenfone 8, coming to you live on May 12th! Click on the link above to add the event to your calendar.


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There will be case in box, but they will skip to provide bundled earphone in box atleast for indian market considering it for some price cutting. & yes it will have high end ESS dac just like ROG tuned from diarac.

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Wew nice Zenfone 8 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated phones of this year

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Seeing the twitter pages of Asus Global, Asus North America and Asus UK, all seem to be posting teasers of Zenfone 8. Asus India hasn't made a single post about Zenfone 8, and hasn't answered any question related to availability in India. So, either Asus might delay the launch of Zenfone 8 in India due to pandemic, or launch it with some other name (due to trademark issue), or not launch it all. But I really wish they launch it here in India.

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It is so cool...

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the only thing that makes me jumpy is the fact that it has a SD 888.

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the only thing that makes me jumpy is the fact that it has a SD 888.

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I thought the same especially about mini but after reading a bit got to know that 888 has inbuilt 5g modem which saves space unlike 865/860/870 can see why they went with 888 with mini too
Plus Asus mentioned this reason as to why they provided a headphone jack this year, last year due to the lack of space thanks to the external modem it was not possible imo