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Custom launcher disappeared until reboot

Star II
I have a ZenFone 8 with Android 12. I use the Nova launcher (which I'd link, but the forum is not letting me). After the phone had been on overnight, charging and whilst I was sleeping, somehow the launcher got disabled; I was back to the stock Asus launcher. Upon rebooting, Nova was back. Generally, Nova works fine on the phone.
Can anyone shed any light? I had been messing around both with Google's clock app (called 'Clock') and the Asus one (also called . . 'Clock'). Also, I see there are some existing posts in this forum about the Zenfone clobbering Nova
EDITED (fairly heavily).

Rising Star II
Strange, never happened in half a year of using Nova. Have you selected it as the default home app - either from within Nova Settings or the regular Settings (search for Home app)?

Star II
Yes: Nova is the default launcher/home app.
Still, I have not encountered the problem again (er, yet . .).