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Clicking noise from camera/loudspeaker

Star III
Ever since I got back my Zenfone8 from the service (they replaced the display) there is a "clicking" noise audible randomly. I could not figure out what is causing it, sometimes it does it in every 1minute, sometimes it takes longer time, but its repeating. During calls, I can hear it very often, but also during browsing when I hold the phone in my hand (away from my ears) its also loud enough to be heard. Before my phone was in the service, I have not encountered into this, just after the return of the repaired phone with the latest ( fw preinstalled. I am unsure where it comes from exactly, but its frustrating.
Has anyone else experienced similar???

Star III
Clicking noise bug still exists with the new firmware too.

Rising Star I
when I go to make a call I hear this click too

Star III
Still hear this clicking noise from the camera during phonecalls!!! (3rd fw update which does not solves this!)

Zen Master I
Hi @czinege.tamas , @Christian_ZF8 @ZF8User @patbence.1999
Thanks for reporting it, we are currently investigating this issue.