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Broke Face Recognition

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Hi. I thought if I had a flagship, also from Asus, then I would not have any problems with my smartphone. But this is not so unfortunate. I've approached you with the problem of scaling text and captions to various pop-up dialogs, but so far no changes. Sadly. Now I have a new problem: after the last update (05.05.22), the Face Recognition function stopped working for me. Pleas fix this.

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There is another topic about this problem


After last update i can't unlock my phone with my face. I can register new face with no problem but on lock screen it search for face and can't find it.

Any ideas? Anyone have similar problem?

31.1010.0410.61 face unlock problem
Asus give official info that this bug will be fix in next FOTA.
Solution - but not perma - problem can return:
Try to - delete your face from phone. Then in apps find Asus Face Unlock Service - force stop, then clear internal memory. Restart phone - register face

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