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Android 12 proximity sensor

Rising Star II
The screen is switching from on-off and I miss-touch with my year or even put the call on hold. Pls fix it ASAP.

Zen Master I
Hi @Vasile Corneliu
Thanks for reporting it.
Please check you inbox for a PM from me with some further instructions.

Rising Star II
Fuk noooo... I canceled the message, sorry. I though I'll find the steps here also. I'll enable the log. Pls resend instructions. 🙏

Rising Star II
I have to say that the same is happening to me. During calls screen would turn on and I would activate some stuff accidentally. One time I even turned on airplane mode while phone was on my ear and I was talking. Sometimes my phone locks during calls and I need to unlock it to end the call. Very annoying

Rising Star I
same happens to me all the time since like 7 months. regardless of firmware version. please finally fix this!
many times those ghost touches also happen in the pocket. there should be at least a possibility to disable the quick menu if the phone is locked!!