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I have recently had my phone back from repair (ramdump followed by a fingerprint sensor issue). Before the repair my phone was running A12.
The phone has been returned to me with A11 WW firmware which ASUS say cannot be upgraded to A12 (only
Given the number of issues I have had with this phone already I am unwilling to unlock the bootloader and void my warranty.
Is there a way to upgrade from to A12 or downgrade to without unlocking?
If not, why not?

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Never mind. A12 was pushed to my phone in an OTA update. Still confused as to the manual/auto update policies though.

Community Legend III
@tomcrownshaw AFAIK you should have been able to manually update to A12 from that firmware version. Reason the changelog for A12 didn't mention it being a viable upgrade point would be because it wasn't available at the time of publication.
Either way, glad to know you received the FOTA.