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STILL NO VOLTE Support for most of the carriers, even after 3G has been deactivated in Germany

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I would like to know if VOLTE for the Zenfone 7 Pro will be supported for vodafone in Germany. If it is not implemented for Vodafone in Germany, I will have to sell the phone. In Germany, 3G has been switched off, which means that the phone has to fall back on the ancient technology of 2G when making calls, and you practically cannot surf the Internet during phone calls. This is absolutely embarrassing and sad for a phone from 2020. Is this really what Asus feels is technically adequate for its phones????


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check if you somehow accidentally hadn't muted the microphone when call starts

it started to happen recently to me and only on the plain old calls, it never happened to me before and I'm pretty sure I haven't touched the screen so I'd assume it's a bug

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No, the other person can hear me. It's definitely not that, as I already checked every single thing when this happened last time. Toggling stuff did not help either.