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Analog audio usb-c adapters not working

Star II
I have two different USB c adapters i've tried on My zenfone 7 Pro to connect car audio (analog) and neither is working. The other adapter worked on my Huawei p30 pro just fine. Any suggestions?

Rising Star I
I have an "iNassen" one and it works perfectly on my Zenfone 7 Pro.
I bought it on Amazon France :

Rising Star I
I don't think ZF7 has analog audio pass through via USB C. Same thing with ROG3. You need a dongle with integrated dac like the "iNassen" one mentioned above, which in it's case uses a Realtek dac inside. None of my analog adapters work with my zf7, only my iBasso DC01 works, but that has a dac as well.