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ZenUI - Bad Translation

Zen Master III
What should we do if we find a bad or misleading translation to our language?
Where and how to report it or send the correct translation?

Hall of Fame II
You can create a new thread to reflect translation errors, and developers can receive messages from this forum.

Zen Master III
This is interesting information, but if there was such an aid in ZenUI 2.0 long time ago, then I wonder how it is possible that in ZenUI 6.0 some translations to Czech are still explicitly embarrassingly amateur, made by automatic translation service, while there is a very good translation from Google.
Home app (launcher) - English
Aplikace pro domácnost - Czech (bad translation by Asus)
Výchozí aplikace - Czech (correct translation by Google)

Zen Master I
I second that! Whoever made this translation to Polish (it's about quick dial number assignment) should reconsider his/her life decisions.
There are like 5 full words in there. I wonder what did translator do with all this saved time.

Community Legend II
You may suggest the translations here - preferably as clear as possible - (as we dont speak/read Czech or Polish).
And we'll send it for verification