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ZenFone Tips & Tricks - How to become a ZenUI Ninja

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Anders, hope this isn't bloating up the comments list, but just wanted to say thanks for this thread, it's really useful!

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Just wanted to say thanks Anders for posting all these tricks and tips

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Hide apps - share your phone with some privacy
Sometimes when you share your phone, for different reasons, you don’t want them to know about every app installed on your phone. For this purpose, we have the “Hide apps” feature that lets you do just that. Hide the app from prying eyes with some simple clicks.
Open your app drawer -> three dot menu in top right corner -> Preferences -> Hide apps -> toggle the apps you want to hide -> exit and you’re done
You can further improve your privacy and security by requiring a password for your hidden apps. A guide on how to do this can be found in the link below

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  1. Is there a way (or will there be in a future update) to select and launch a specific app from the entire list of installed apps?
  2. Also, it'd be great to have the very same selection of functions with all 3 options - press once, twice and press&hold. For example, I'd love to be able to turn on the flashlight by keeping the smart key pressed, to sort of emulate the behaviour of Lineage OS (In LOS you can press and hold the power button when the screen is off to turn on the flashlight), etc


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Hi @Anders_ASUS
Is there any chance to get the above feature implemented?
To recap, I'd love to be able to be able to assign a specific app or app activity to the smart key options - press once, press twice, press&hold.
Thank you!

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Hidden shortcuts

In Android, there is something called App Actions. Many of you have probably already seen this feature but you don’t use it since it’s a pain to access if you want to use it often. But with this trick, you don’t need to long press your favorite app icon to access your favorite action. What most people don’t know is that you can make shortcuts of these app action by simply long press the app icon, then do the same for the app action that pops up in the list and drag it to your homescreen. Now you have instant access to your favorite app action without the need to long press and choose from a list of actions every time.


The same useful shortcut can be added for a system setting that you might use often. We have buttons for a lot of settings in the quick menu but there are still settings that we do not cover in that menu so for these less used settings, you can create your own shortcut.

Let’s say you want to easily turn one of your SIM cards on/off.  To do this, long press on the background of your home screen and press Widgets, scroll down to settings, hold and drag the shortcut to your home screen. You will now be presented with a list where you should scroll down to SIM card. This shortcut will save you two presses which is a lot if you use this setting every day.


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Wow, thanks))) I didn't know, that my phone can do this)