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Zenfone 6Z need motherboard replacement

Star I
I bought a zenfone 6 (not rooted) in the US 2 years ago. About 4 months ago the phone completely stopped working in the middle of usage. There was a deep blue screen, a high pitched sound and than the phone turned off and no matter what I did I could not revive it. I gave it to a lab and they deduced the motherboard is dead and gave me an absolutely ridiculous price to repair it.
I am trying to find a motherboard spare part, or send the phone to be repaired elsewhere. Does anybody have any advice on either solution?
The phone is not old at all and it worked great, and it's such a shame to buy a new one now...

Zen Master III
In Europe, you would have this problem solved under a two-year warranty. Considering how often the ZF6 dies without cause, the manufacturer should take care of it.